Guess who’s 1 today


Need another clue…


Hands up who’s the Birthday Girl…


Back to sleep…



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Love those sunny afternoons!

“Where is everyone?”

What's going on in there?

“Shhh, Arns is sleeping Mum…”

Caught Napping

“Uh oh…  it’s not what you think… I was here first…  Olive came in when she saw me lying here…”

Uh Oh

“Arnold, this is how you stretch…”

This is how you stretch Arns...

“Can I go back to sleep now?”

Can I go back to sleep now?

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Double Duty Recycling Bin

Perfect place for a nap…


“Are you talking about me?”


“Get back to work!”


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One of Olive’s Favorites

Her Cat Bungee

Houston we have a problem

“Houston we have a problem…”


“Please unhook my Cat Bungee”

Got it

“Got it!”

Pull it

“Please play with me…”

Note: These photos were taken a couple of months ago – she’s now the size of a moose.

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The One Thing You Learn…

When you live with Olive is…


She just wants to help!sewing

March 20, 2009 at 4:15 pm 1 comment

Meet Olive

Everyone, please meet Olive…

So here’s a bit of history: Olive came home with us in early December 2008.

"It's quite cosy in here, I think I'll stay here - thanks"

"It's quite cozy in here, I think I'll stay in here - thanks"

She settled down very quickly despite being a bit weary of Arnold, our Jack Russell.

So this is where the food is served - I think I could like it here!

"So this is where the food is served - I think I could like it here!"

By the end of the weekend, she’d taken up residency in my office…



By Christmas we were all getting settled in…

How did you find me?

"How did you find me?"

Ready for Santa

Ready for Santa

And by New Year…


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